A Marketer's Kata

Single Targeting Facebook Users for Fun and Profit

It may be a crazy idea, but crazier is to think that everybody in Canada is your potential target. While wondering how to better target an ad on Facebook, It occurred to me that nowadays is possible to target a single person using social networks. Why don't we take advantage of this and practice our marketing skills?

The idea behind this is simple: Target somebody you know and make them fill out a form. What makes you think you can make a bunch of people fill out a form when you can't make a single one you know do it?

This is just to practice your social media marketing skills. You target somebody you know. It'll be easier that way because you have access to the groups he or she is in, to the likes, comments, age, sex, friends, education, relationship status, etc. The goal of this Kata is to make the person fill out a form on a landing page your craft.

Please go ahead and read Gabriel blog post about a FB ad targeted at one person. He points out that the minimum amount of people on the estimated reach on Facebook is about 20 people.

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