My name is Ivan. I've created software systems that processed hundreds of millions of dollars, integrated multiple high throughput applications and virtualized whole companies computer environments. Practice kiteboarding alongside world champions. I like to program in Rust, Ruby, Elm, Haskell and others. When I'm not programing, I ❤️ to kiteboard.

You can see some of kiteboarding action on this video I participated in for Kitesurf Mexico.

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Computers / Software / Hacking

These are my first and second commits to a github open source project in 2008.

Studying machine learning

Lightning Network

I've been doing research and development on the Lightning Network.

The first deliverable of this was a Ruby Library for Lightning Labs ln-cli

For all the infornmation: https://www.⚡️⚡️⚡️.ml

Video | Talks

Las herramientas que usamos afectan nuestro trabajo

A few words by Mat at Rubyconf 2013

Intro to AVFoundation at RubyMotion 2014 | San Francisco (slides)

In-App-Purchases in Swift


Drawings in Elm

SoftwareCriollo Logo in Elm / SVG

Helu - In-App purchases for RubyMotion.

A naive based classifier and a linear regresion module in Haskell

Did you mean? I createda miss pell ruby module that made it Ruby core in the form of Did you mean? error. It uses the Levenshtein to do magic.

The Mayer Multiple in Rust. A Rust program that calculates the 200 days Bitcoin moving average